Mar 31, 2007

My First Polaroid

I bought two Poloraid cameras from the thrift shop yesterday. I didn't realize that the batters where inside the film rather than the camera. Otherwise I would have bought some old cameras a long time ago. But the film is so expensive! Either way, I took this. I like it.


  1. Wow, I love the colors. Did you correct them in PS? Looks awesome! +fav :)

  2. yeah, great colors. what is that in the sky? o.o

  3. yeah there's a tinted retro feel, fun man, I like a lot

  4. daughter really wants one of these cameras...I wouldnt mind either...had one when I was a kid. But the film has always been expensive. If it wasnt so popular right now, it would be cheap!
    Oh well...watercolor isnt cheap either...somethings are worth spending for.

    I like this...looks just like some pics of my cousins taken outdoors...pale, pale sky...pretty.

    Ofcourse yours is missing my cousins...makes it WAY better than mine!