Apr 15, 2007

Trift Stores Are Cool

I bought these two cameras at the thrift store this weekend. They use 126 film. In other words, I'm probably never going to use them. But I love how they look. A lot of people on Flickr seemed to use them as kids. I guess I'm late. I took pictures of them with my Nikon. I'm surprised how nice they are. Really makes me want to take a photo course this summer. Also...

Appearantly my little Vivitar crap-cam is getting popular. People are buying them for 30 bucks on Ebay. I think that's insane. It's really not that much of a camera. The lo-fi camera craze is to blame. But really, if I'm going to get a crappy camera on purpose, I want it to be cheap. I got mine for $3 at the thrift shop. I love it. But it ain't worth $30. Also...

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