Jun 9, 2009

The Cover Down

Sometime last year I created an extension of my album cover blog, basically as a place to post random album covers I found interesting without having to write anything. That got boring after a while, searching Google for a decent image and posting it, so I stopped.

A few weeks ago I decided to revive the blog, The Cover Down, but this time dedicate it to covers scanned directly from my vinyl collection. This takes a lot of effort, considering I have a standard size scanner and each side of the covers needs to be scanned four times and photomerged to be complete. But it's been a great experience digging through my collection and I've gotten a pretty good response to the blog. My plan is to scan at least one cover a day. We'll see how long I keep it up.

Thanks to my parents, my old friend Jeremy, my girlfriend's dad and that dude on Craigslist who gave away about six cardboard boxes full (!) for letting me have all of their records!

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