Aug 28, 2009

CoverCast #1: G4G4

Download: ♪ CoverCast #1: G4G4

Today I'm posting G4G4, the first ever mixtape (I don't want to call it a podcast) for my Cover Up blog. I've wanted to create a mix for a while, so I pulled together some of my favorite tracks and artists from this year to see what I could come up with. It's mostly a selection of hip-hop and electronic music. The track list is below and you can click the covers to download. I plan on doing some more mixes later. For the front and back cover I used photos I took at the Freer & Sackler Galleries in D.C. (I put a slideshow below for fun). I hope you guys listen and enjoy.

1. Triorganico - Balloons
2. Blu - Amnesia
3. Prefuse 73 - Regalo
4. Mabanua - Liquid
5. Misel Quitno - Pull It Down Somewhen
6. ZKPRZ - Phantasmagoria
7. Flying Lotus - Parisian Goldfish (Take Remix)
8. Harmonic 313 - Dirtbox
9. Willie Isz - Shine
10. Samon Kawamura - cp2sk (Featuring Christian Prommer)
11. J Dilla - Spacecowboy vs. Bobble Head
12. CO$$ - Be Like You (Featuring Terem)
13. Exile - Stay Tuned (Here)
14. Dak - fortheSUN
15. The Gaslamp Killer - Baiafro
16. Luke Vibert - Computer Complex
17. Squarepusher - Seb-1.02
18. 9DW - Begin To Sing For Appetite

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